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All retreats at Passaddhi will be in silence, residential in shared accommodation (with the option of a private room at a local B&B), and with vegetarian meals (including home-grown organic vegetables). These retreats are offered on a donation basis, because Marjó and the other teachers who come to Passaddhi have been inspired by these meditation practices, and want to make them available to as many people as possible. It is left entirely up to the generosity of the participants how much they wish to contribute to support the centre and the teachers. A booking fee applies to keep a place, as Passaddhi can only have about 12 retreatants at any one time.
If you are not sure what is an appropriate amount to give for retreat costs and/or for the teacher, please contact .
Please see here for more information on meditation.

Retreats taught by Marjó at other venues will also be in silence, and the teachings are offered on a donation basis, except where there is a set fee (e.g. in Emmaus Centre).

During every retreat group guidance is given, as well as the opportunity to have individual talks with the teacher.

Sitting meditation is alternated by walking meditation. The walking meditation at Passaddhi is done outside on the patio or in the garden, weather permitting. At other venues the walking meditation will also be done outside as much as is feasible.

Participants of a retreat are asked to observe the Buddhist precepts of:
· not intentionally taking or harming the life of any living being
· not taking what is not given, being trustworthy, not acting acquisitively
· refraining from sexual behaviour that is harmful (on retreats this means no sexual activity at all)
· avoiding false, abusive or malicious speech (on retreats this means observing noble silence)
· not using intoxicants/drugs (on retreats this includes tobacco)

These are guidelines, not commandments, that help to facilitate waking up to what is here and now, and have been observed over the centuries by all who aspire to living a life of impeccable ethics, and they have proved to be helpful for the development of concentration and mindfulness, encouraging a heart and mind that is calm, connected and contented.
These five basic ethical guidelines also help to create a safe environment for the participants and facilitators on the retreats.
Retreats are an opportunity for continuous practice of vipassana (insight) meditation and metta (lovingkindness) meditation. It is not appropriate to see retreats as a time to go on hikes or long walks.
It is also not appropriate to use your phone to go online, to make or receive calls or send texts, and it is recommended not to read or write during a retreat.

Please email Marjó if you would like more information about retreats or to request a booking form.

By signing a booking form you agree to follow the guidelines of the teacher for the duration of the retreat, and to respect the guidelines of the retreat mentioned above.

'If I fail to do so, I absolve the teacher of any responsibility as regards my physical, mental and emotional well-being.
By signing the form, I understand that when I leave the retreat before the agreed time, unless there is an emergency or serious illness, with or without consultation with the teacher, I do so at my own risk, and absolve the teacher of any liability; I also understand that there won't be a refund.
While on retreat at Passaddhi or elsewhere, I absolve Marjó Oosterhoff and the venue of the retreat of any liability as regards accidents or loss during the retreat.'

Silent Retreats at Passaddhi in 2020

Cultivating Contentment through Kindness and Compassion practices for self and others, supported by mindfulness practices, with Marjó
29th May to 1st June
Starting 7.30 pm on Friday May 29, finishing with lunch on Monday June 1.
Cost: by donation, after booking fee of €100.

The Four Brahmavihara or Divine Mind States (Loving Kindness, Compassion, Joy, Equanimity) with Venerable Viranyani
Tuesday 7 July, 7 pm to Sunday 12 July 2 pm .
A unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the traditional and yet totally contemporary joyful and compassionate mind states that Ven. Viranyani will guide us through. She has extensive experience as a nun in the Burmese Buddhist tradition, and lives in a monastic setting in Burma for much of the year.
Cost: by donation, after booking fee of €100.

Vipassana with Frits Koster
22nd to 29th July
Starting 7.30 pm on Wednesday July 22 and finishing with breakfast on Wednesday July 29.
Cost: by donation, after booking fee of €100.

Loving Kindness – Metta with Visu Teoh
21st to 29th August
Metta is a support for vipassana practice and also a complete practice in itself. In this metta retreat Visu will also incorporate vipassana meditation.
Starting at 7.30 pm on Friday August 21, finishing with breakfast on Saturday August 29.
Cost: by donation, after booking fee of €100.

Vipassana with Visu Teoh
29th August to 6 th September
In this vipassana retreat some metta practice will also be introduced, as a support for vipassana. The two pillars of mindfulness and compassion are essential for the cultivation of any kind of spiritual practice.
Starting 7.30 pm on Saturday August 29, finishing with breakfast on Sunday September 6.
Cost: by donation, after booking fee of €100.

These two retreats can be done as one long retreat, from 21st August to 6th September

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Silent Retreats taught by Marjó elsewhere 2020

A Silent 5-day Retreat: Wisdom and Compassion, the Two Pillars of a Peaceful and Contented Life
13-17 March [Bankholiday Weekend], starting 8.00 pm on Friday March 13,
and finishing with lunch on Tuesday March 17
Emmaus Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin

In the silence and simplicity of this retreat, we will practise mindfulness [vipassana, insight meditation] and heartfulness [various compassion practices], so that we will see the magic and mysteries of the mind and hear the whisperings of the heart.
There will be plenty of time for rest, going for walks in the beautiful grounds of Emmaus, and individual practice; and time for reflecting, together or in private talks with Marjó, on how the practice is going.

A silent retreat is an ideal opportunity to see where we judge and to have compassion for that; and to see where there is joy and to find ways to share that.
And we get a taste of the equanimity and contentment that arise when we realise that we are already completely and fully enough as we are.
These practices, guided by Marjó, will be suitable for beginners and non-beginners.
This retreat is also suitable for those who are doing a teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Approaches, as well as for Mindfulness and Compassion teachers who would like to support their meditation practice.
Bookings with Emmaus Centre or tel 01 8700050

Silent 5-day Vipassana/Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Residential Retreat at Bobbio,
Magheramore, Co. Wicklow
Thursday 9th - Monday 13rd April (Easter)

Bobbio retreat centre is situated on Brittas Bay, and there will be plenty of opportunity during the retreat to go for long walks.
This retreat is suitable for beginners and non-beginners, as well as for those doing the MBSR-teacher training, or for those MBSR teachers who would like to support their meditation practice.
Private talks with Marjó about the practice are an integral part of this retreat.
We start 7.30 pm on Thursday April 9th, and finish with lunch on Easter Monday, April 13rd.
Bookings with Marjó on or +353 (0)27 60223
Cost: €300 for (vegetarian) food and accommodation in twin en-suite rooms.
The guidance is on a donation basis

Mindfulness and Compassion: Silent Weekend Retreat at Boghill Holistic Centre,
the Burren, Co. Clare
Friday 24th - Sunday 26th April.

Cost: €170 for food and shared hostel accommodation (this includes Marjó's costs for travel, admin and advertising). Twin ensuite rooms, as well as 3 single rooms, are available at €20 per night extra.
Marjo's guidance is offered on a donation basis.
We start Friday April 24 at 6 pm with registration and a light evening meal,
and we finish Sunday April 26 with lunch.
Marjó’s gentle guidance will help us to be present to all that reveals itself in our awareness in a kindhearted way.
The unique combination of mindfulness and heartfulness that this retreat offers, can be used to cultivate clarity, contentment and compassion, not just on retreat, but also in our daily lives.
It is the journey from our minds to our hearts that is undertaken in the silence of this weekend, in the company of like-minded people.
This weekend is suitable for beginners and non-beginners.
Bookings with Marjó on or +353 (0)27 60223, or 086 8787040

From Contentiousness to Contentment: Non-Residential 2-day Silent Retreat with Loving Kindness, Compassion and Gladness practices, at the Sanctuary, Stanhope Street, Dublin
Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd May

from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.
Bookings with the Sanctuary or telephone +353 (0)1 6705419
It is also possible to come for one day, but those coming for the two days will have preference.

Midsummer Mindfulness Feast: Mindfully Cooking, Eating, Walking:
a 5-day Meditation Retreat, at Bobbio Centre, Magheramore, Co. Wicklow.
Wednesday 17th June - Sunday 21st June, with Paola Vais and Marjó.

The focus of this silent retreat is on preparing, cooking and eating joyfully and mindfully. There will also be a range of other mindfulness and compassion pratices, like mindful walks. Paola will guide participants in preparing and cooking summery dishes, vegan and vegetarian, as well as guiding meditations.
Paola has trained at the Ballymaloe Cookery School, and has been cooking for restaurants, private catering and the Asgard, as well as for my retreats for many years. She is also a certified Mindfulness trainer and Breathworks trainer, facilitating courses and retreats.
Marjó will guide the mindfulness meditation in sitting and walking sessions, as well as mindful eating.
There will also be time for plenty of rest, and going for walks on the nearby beach, making this a very special retreat. Bobbio Centre is a unique place: very quiet, overlooking the sea, and with easy access to the beach.
We will start Wednesday evening June 17 at 7 pm, with registration and then the retreat starts around 8 pm. It is also possible to come on Thursday evening 7 pm, or for the weekend only, starting Friday evening 7 pm.
We will finish with lunch on Sunday June 21.
Cost: €280 for food and accommodation in twin ensuite rooms [€240 and €200 respectively for the shorter periods]. A few single ensuite rooms available at €35 extra per night.
The guidance by Paola and Marjó is on a donation basis.

Bookings with Marjó on or 027 60223 or 086 8787040.

Silent 5-day Vipassana/Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat at Teach Bhride, Tullow, Co. Carlow
28th December 2020- 1st January 2021

Suitable for both beginners and non-beginners. This retreat is also suitable for those doing the MBSR-teacher training, or for those MBSR teachers who would like to support their meditation practice.
Cost: €300 for food and shared accommmodation in twin room. Single and single ensuite rooms available at extra cost. The guidance is on a donation basis.
Bookings with Marjo tel 027-60223 or 086 8787040 or by email

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